Centre for Sport Science and University Sports

The Centre for Sport Science and University Sports (CSU) of the University of Vienna is among one of the 20 faculties/centres of the University of Vienna. It includes the Department of Sport and Human Movement Science (DSHMS) representing the scientific subdivision and the University Sports Institute (USI), being the central institution for college sports in Vienna. The Study Service Centre takes charge of student and lecturer affairs concerning current study and curricula issues, while the Central Office is responsible for the administrative and organizational needs of the CSU.


The CSU stands for high-level research and is nationally as well as internationally well-networked. The main focus is set on the following key research areas: "Education and health promotion” and "Performance by intervention".


The researchers of the CSU publish in leading sports science journals and are involved in various European and national funded projects and research platforms. In addition, the CSU offers professional educations and advanced trainings, combining tradition, innovation and future, such as the over 200 sports disciplines offered by the USI.