Project „Team Up“


The Centre for Sport Science and University Sports at the University of Vienna is partner of the international project "Team Up", which is funded by the European Union as part of the Erasmus+ program.

The fundamental objective of Team Up is to promote education in and through sport with a particular focus on developing the quality of coaching in grassroots football and basketball. An interdisciplinary trans-European network of sport and education stakeholders will be established to develop, test, evaluate and disseminate a sustainable European training and education model. Through this, the capabilities of sports organizations for the education and training of coaches will be expanded.

The project aims to develop a training program in the form of a digital learning platform and an app based on a cross-sport methodology for innovative youth training in grassroots sports clubs in football and basketball. Experts from the fields of sport, education, science, health and business will be involved. As a pilot project, Team Up will be carried out with 90 coaches and 480 athletes (at least 50% female respectively) from 30 EU sports clubs and, according to the estimates of the participating countries, will reach 250 football and 65 basketball clubs and 2000 athletes. The newly developed training methodology will consist of cross-sport training modules and will focus on the general sport development of the young athletes in order to increase their knowledge about and interest in sport as well as their physical activity.

Next to the Centre for Sports Science and University Sport, the project partners include the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU), the Bulgarian Basketball Federation (BBF), the non-profit organization GEA Cooperativa and the Italian municipality of Trani, which will coordinate the project.

The project will officially start in January 2023 with a kick-off meeting and will be completed by December 2024.