"Forum Sport & Medicine" of the Department of Sports Medicine & the ÖISM at the University of Vienna


Free series of events for athletes, coaches, doctors and patients

"Child and Sport" will be the motto of our 2nd forum. You can find all the information below. You can use our registration form (see further link below) to secure your place now.

What can you expect on 17.01.2024?

Regular exercise and sport improve physical and mental health, quality of life and performance. When children play sport regularly, whether at school or in a club, this can promote skills in many areas - from social competence, team spirit and fairness to increased self-confidence. Accordingly, all children should be able to participate in exercise and sport. What health risks do overweight and obesity already lead to in children and what simple, preventative measures can help? What effects has an additional sports program at Viennese schools shown? How can barriers for blind and visually impaired pupils be removed in school sports? What needs to be considered from a sports medicine perspective for children and young people in sport?

We would like to provide answers to these and other questions with our new series of events - compact, scientifically sound and understandable for everyone. Experts from the fields of sport and medicine share their experiences, findings and methods and are available to answer questions.

Lectures at the cutting edge of science

"We look forward to presenting exciting lectures on sport and medicine by renowned speakers at the cutting edge of science and discussing them with the experts at our forum," says Prof. Jürgen Scharhag, Head of the Department of Sports Medicine at the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Vienna and the ÖISM. Three to four times a year, we invite sportspeople, athletes, coaches, sports scientists, doctors, patients and students to three to four lectures of 20 minutes each plus 10 minutes of discussion.

Further information and the opportunity to register for the event can be found here.