EDU:PACT Project Presents Final Outputs


After more than three years of intense work, the Erasmus+ project Intercultural Education through Physical Activity, Coaching and Training – EDU:PACT is officially completed. We are happy to present the final project outputs:

·         EDU:PACT Module Handbook in five languages: EN | DE | DK | GR | IT

·         EDU:PACT Online Toolkit and Teaching Guidelines:

·         EDU:PACT Needs-Analysis Report: download here

·         EDU:PACT Module Review and Validation Report: download here

The aim of the project was to help address the intercultural challenges schools, clubs, teachers and coaches are facing. It aimed to provide innovative evidence-based intercultural pedagogy in physical education and coaching and thereby improving the quality of pre- and in-service education.

Summary of the Work Program

1.       Needs-Analysis to determine the state of knowledge and to generate expert practice input

·         Rapid Evidence Analysis

·         Focus Group Interviews with teachers, researchers and experts

2.       Development of teaching and learning guidelines, didactical concepts and study units

·         Module Handbook

·         Online Toolkit

3.       Pilot training of expert staff from all project partners

·         ToT Vienna (Sept. 2019)

4.       Implementation of the developed modules

·         EDU:PACT courses

·         National Multiplier Events

5.       Review & validation process to optimize guidelines, didactical approaches, study units and modules

·         Feedback by teaching staff and participants of courses and events

·         Survey on the Module Handbook

6.       Transnational dissemination and connecting sport stakeholders

·         International Multiplier Event (ENSE Forum, Sept. 2019, Vienna)

·         Final Conference (Educate and Integrate?!, March 2021, Online)

The work program was successfully completed and important steps towards sustainability were implemented. For further information on the project visit: