Dr. Kainz is a finalist for the ESB Clinical Biomechanist Award


The abstract for the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB) conference in Milan (Italy) from Ass.-Prof. Dr. Hans Kainz and his colleagues was selected as a finalist for the ‘ESB Clinical Biomechanist Award’. In the submitted work, Dr. Kainz used a multi-scale modelling framework, combining musculoskeletal rigid-body simulations with adaptive finite element analyses, to evaluate the impact of clinical interventions on femoral bone growth in children with cerebral palsy.

Given the COVID-19 situation, it is not possible that the ESB conference will take place in July. However, the ESB council decided that the most important award sessions will take place as webinars during the days of the conference (13-14 July 2020). Hence, Dr. Kainz will present his work during the award webinar in July.





Fig. 1. Multi-scale modelling workflow.

Fig. 1. Multi-scale modelling workflow