Sport/physical activity development plan Eisenstadt


Austria's first sport development plan is being created for the city of Eisenstadt.


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Creating a sport development plan is not something new, but rather something well established that has been developed in Germany. After an assessment of the relevant data concerning sport activity (sport infrastructure, sport programs, school and club sport etc.), as well as a broad-based telephone survey for a representative population, the next step is a cooperative planning process.

In this public involvement procedure several packages of measures are being elaborated in multiple meetings. Special and unique is that all population groups, policy and sport decisions makers and voluntary citizens of Eisenstadt are being represented in the planning process.

The project is under the special guidance of the department of sport pedagogy of the University of Vienna which is also responsible for obtaining expert advice.

Duration of the project

October 2008 – July 2009


The list of measures to be taken consists of three levels: sport infrastructure, sport programs and coordination of sport activity. The planning group will rank those individual measures based on priority and will hand them in to Eisenstadt’s city council that will take care of their implementation.

Project management

Department of Sport Pedagogy
Centre of Sports Sciences and University Sports
University of Vienna
Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Kolb
Scientific staff: Ass. Prof. Dr. Rosa Diketmüller, Franz Mairinger (graduate assistent)

Project partner Eisenstadt

Dietmar Eiszner