"School yards and gender relations"


Physical activity and utilisation of school yards of boys and girls from 6 to 14




In the first phase of the project ‚Schoolyard and gender relations’ (2005-2007) the use of female and male pupils in 20 Viennese and Styrian school yards was surveyed and analysed. The data show gender differences on different levels. Based on this data the main aim of the second phase (2007 – 2009) was to rise the awareness of teachers for gender relations and healthy environments in schools, esp. in school yards. On the one hand this issue was integrated into the teacher training courses all over Austria. On the other hand 5 schools were choosen which initiated an ongoing process for the elaboration of new models of utilization of the school yards focusing more equal gender relations (analysis of the school yard, participation processes of pupils and teachers interests, models of empowerment of girls and boys for physical activities, interaction with the communities, elaboration of rebuilding of the school yards and/or reorganization of the utilization).

Project leader:
Rosa Diketmüller and her team (Berghold, Förster, Frommhund, Witzeling)

Project partner:
Heide Studer from the office tilia (www.tilia.at) and her team (Schirl, Gungl, Mayrhofer, Staller)

The project was funded by: Ministry of education and culture, Health Austria, City of Vienna, City of Graz, Federal State Styria.For further details please contact Rosa Diketmüller


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