"Music and Muscles“ - Physical Activity and Loosening make strong: Healthier ways of playing music


The project “Music and Muscles” aims to prevent musician specific problems and focuses on music-students and their teachers of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. This project is implemented by the 'Institut für Musik- und Bewegungserziehung und Musiktherapie' and the Institut Franz Schubert/ Blas- und Schlaginstrumente. 

From 2008 to 2010 different health-enhancing activities are offered in three moduls like

  • physical activities (in the group),
  • music lessons in small groups (teamteaching), which are supervised by experts in the field of spiral dynamics and Franklin Method as well as
  • workshops to specific topics of health and music (f.e. Yoga, Physioprophylaxis, anxiety, …).

External evaluation:  Rosa Diketmüller

For further details please contact Rosa Diketmüller


Project Partner

Institut Franz Schubert
Institut für Musik- und Bewegungserziehung und Musiktherapie