"Miniature golf comes to you!"


"Miniature golf comes to you!" - physical activity programs for elderly people in Vienna's "homes for living".

This project was set up by the "Minigolfcompany" and the University of Vienna (Centre of Sports Science and University Sports).


Elderly people tend to have great barriers when it comes to new physical activity. The EU-funded project "miniature golf comes to you" aims to demonstrate that it is never too late to learn how to play miniature golf. This type of sport is especially suitable for elderly people (also with physical handicaps) and encourages them to partcipate in contests. 

This project is not only about physical activity, but also about social relationships and interaction. Furthermore, the use of new media is being promoted, as there are miniature-golf e-learning programs. 
Also, the project can be seen as a fall prevention.



A video of the project can be found here


Reports & publications (in German):

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