9.-11. Juni 2022, Coimbra (Portugal)

European Congress of Adapted Physical Activity

Promoting inclusive sport & exercise opportunities for health and well-being

Mini-Symposium "Children with disabilities in physical education – from marginalization to participation“ (Martin Giese, Stefan Meier, Sebastian Ruin, Christoph Kreinbucher-Bekerle, Jana Baumgärtner und Christopher Mihajlovic)


Martin Giese & Stefan Meier: „Performance diversity and performance equitability in inclusive physical education“

Christopher Mihajlovic & Stefan Meier: „Including students with special educational needs in Physical Education: An analysis of the current Finnish National Core Curriculum“

Jana Baumgärtner, Christoph Kreinbucher-Bekerle & Sebastian Ruin: „Being aware of diversity – a participatory approach to instructional development in PE“