3. Platz beim Infografikwettbewerb der Universität Wien geht an Christopher Mihajlovic, PhD Student am Institut für Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaft

„Responding to Diversity: An analysis of the Finnish National Curriculum of Physical Education“

Previous research has revealed a discrepancy between the ideology of inclusive education policies and the curriculum content and assessment in physical education (PE). This PhD project draws attention to the implementation of the Finnish National Curriculum (FNBE, 2016) in Finland which has been progressively introduced on school level since 2016. Although the Finnish education policies are driven by the equity agenda, the current Finnish national curriculum has not been analysed through the lens of (inclusive) PE yet. In order to fill this gap, the current Finnish national curriculum of PE was qualitatively content-analysed. The analysis of the documents tries to reveal how the PE curriculum is responding to student diversity in general, and specifically, focuses on three dimensions of diversity: disability, gender and interculturality.


Link: https://doktorat.univie.ac.at/phd-corner/meine-forschung-in-einem-bild/

Kontakt: Christopher Mihajlovic, Mail: a12041791@unet.univie.ac.at

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Meier, Mail: stefan.meier@univie.ac.at