AIESEP World Congress

15.-18. Juni 2022, Gold Coast (Australien)

International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP)

Adressing contemporary agendas for health and physical education, physical activity and sport

Symposium "Diversity and Physical Education – a ‚perfect match‘?!“ (Stefan Meier, Martin Giese, Sebastian Ruin & Justin Haegele)


Stefan Meier, Andreas Raab, Brigitta Höger & Rosa Diketmüller: „'One size fit’s all?' An investigation of diversity issues in PE curricula in Austria“

Christopher Mihajlovic: „Towards inclusive education? An analysis of the current PE curriculum in Finland from the perspective of ableism“

Martin Giese & Stefan Meier: „Performance diversity and performance equitability in inclusive PE“

Brigitta Höger: „Slim, fit and white? Intersectional Discourses of Embodiment in Austrian PE“

Jana Baumgärtner, Christoph Kreinbucher-Bekerle & Sebastian Ruin (Universität Graz): „Being aware of diversity – a participatory approach to instructional development in PE“