AIESEP Scientific Conference

7.-10. Juni 2021, online, Banff (CAN):

Bei der online stattgefundenen AIESEP Scientific Conference in Banff (CAN) haben Abteilungsmitglieder folgende Vorträge bzw. eine Posterpräsentation beigetragen:

·           Vorträge

o        Rosa Diketmüller: Experiences of transgender and intersex students in Physical Education

o        Brigitta Höger: Slim, fit and motivated? PE teachers' discursive construction of the student's body

o        Andreas Raab: Realization and Perception of Distance Learning for PE from Teachers' Perspective: a Case Study from Austria

o        Christopher Mihajlovic: Teachers' perceptions of the Finnish national curriculum and inclusive practices of physical education

o        Stefan Meier (gemeinsam mit Sebastian Ruin): Experience?! On filling the gap between practice and theory in PETE

·           Poster

o        Christopher Mihajlovic: Responding to diversity in physical education: An analysis of the Finnish national curriculum